Gratitude & Grace: its Thanksgiving!

It’s time yet again to say a big Thank You to all the people who matters! Yes, it’s time to celebrate the big day with much pomp & show with loved ones. The love, support and blessings of people matters much in everyone’s lives and the most perfect moment to say the unsaid is here! There is happiness all around. Thanksgiving, the day to meet & greet your loved ones and offer the comfort of your gratitude has come knocking one more time.

Gratitude is a virtue that binds people together and makes them feel wanted for their active and dormant contributions. This belief gives hope to many, to live a life full of love, peace and harmony. Thanksgiving is celebrated zealously in the United States and Canada. Being an official holiday, people fly back home to be with their near and dear ones.

It’s incredible to witness the gala and grandeur of Thanksgiving with families and friends uniting with one another, sometimes in a long time. It’s especially heartening to see the traditions and festivities come to life. Oh! That feeling you get when you wake up to a beautiful morning with an awesome Thank You greeting from your lovely family and friends. It is beyond expression, indeed!

Most people try to make it home, on time, around this time of the year. However, those who can’t make it should never feel left out as the wishes and thoughts of their loved ones stay with them!

The beauty of Thanksgiving lies in getting together for lavish treats, cooking delicious meals, unlimited entertainment and of course letting people know, they are important!

It’s all food and being with friends and family! There is no need to contain you feelings, it’s OK if you can’t wait to display your culinary skills this Thanksgiving. Remind yourself, it’s merely 24 hours away. Being home and being together matters on the D-Day. Nonetheless, you can spice up your festivities a bit by taking your family for a weekend getaway, right after. That should surprise them and carry forward the zing of togetherness for a few more days.