Jaipur is the Window to a Vibrant Rajasthan

Jaipur, an enchanted city is drenched in vibrant hues of a vivid legacy. The city stands tall as more than just the capital of Rajasthan. Jaipur, better known as the Pink City or Paris of India, is one of the most visited travel destinations in the country. It takes pride in its glorious existence and has, for centuries, guarded its exclusivity from intruders. Jaipur enthralls all who visit its historical lands with its exotic flavors of richness and hospitality.

In true sense, the city opens its floodgates to the magnificence of a wondrous Rajashtan. Everything about this beautiful city is exotic. Travelers from across continents visit Jaipur to witness the grandeur of its mighty forts, palaces, architecture, artistic culture, delectable food offerings, monuments, astrology and vastu.

Standing on the threshold of sheer elegance and splendor, the pink city offers a visual delight to the visitors. No words are enough to pen down its impeccable beauty and warm generosity. The colorful streets mirror reflections from Jaipur’s magnanimous way of life. It’s easy to spot the old world charm cohabiting with the modern luster. The camels still walk the streets like a boss. Cycle richshaws compete alongside vrooming bikes and honking city buses at their own sweet dreamy pace. Buzzing auto rickshaws promise a faster ride through the narrow streets as much as they bring you close to the majestic charm of the city. A stroll through the lanes and bylanes of the street take you deep within a different world and a different charm!

The city offers a visual and a gastronomical treat to the travelers. The sweet, spicy and pungent fragrances emanating through one of the many local and high-end eateries and restaurants fill your heart with an unexplained joy. It’s fair to term Jaipur as a foodie’s paradise. Travelers find it hard to control their urges to resist the aromas and are as much compelled to try a few Rajashtani dishes straight out of authentic kitchens. Irrespective of your newness to the cuisine, you can’t leave Jaipur without attempting the following at least once during your stay in the scintillating city. The list is as follows:
1. Dal Bhati Churma
2. Keema Bhati
3. Rajasthani Thali
4. Indian Sweets
5. Dahi Vada
6. Kachori
7. Chaat
8. Samosas
9. Gatte ki Sabzi
These finger-licking delicacies will certainly leave you wanting for more!

Jaipur is yet again one destination to put your wanderlust at rest. There are many destinations to explore, some of, which bring you up and close with the history of the land of the braves. When in Pink City, don’t forget to miss visiting places including:
1. Birla Laxmi Narayan Temple
2. Jantar Mantar
3. Hawa Mahal
4. Galta
5. Iswari Minar Swarga Sal
6. City Palace
7. Central Museum
8. Jal Mahal
9. Nahargarh
10. Shree Sanjay Sharma Museum
11. Sisodia Rani Palace Museum
12. Royal Gaitor
13. Modern Art Gallery
14. Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Museum
15. Philatelic Bureau & Museum
16. SRC Museum of Indology

No trip to Jaipur is complete without taking home some colorful mementos and souvenirs. The streets are lined with bangles, ear rings, veils, bags, shoes and handicraft items glistening under the sun. As if the food and places are not enticing enough, you want to take home bags full of Rajashtani kalakari from artisans who craft each item with love.

Jaipur is ideal for a quick weekend getaway as well as an extended holiday with friends and family!