Meet the Impressive Skylines in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most visited destinations. Being a financial hub and home to Asia’s own Disneyland makes it a preferred travel city for business and leisure alike. Amid the glitz, glamor, culture, traditions, food and history however, Hong Kong has however, carved a niche for itself through its impressive skylines. These high rise buildings stand tall and are self-explanatory about the city’s magnificence and wondrous architectural extravaganza.

This Special Administrative Region of China has graciously accepted the influence of old world Chinese charm and the new world’s architectural marvel. The blend of both these world thankfully gives your eyes abundant sight of awe-inspiring high rise buildings that instantly melt your heart away!

As a tourist city, Hong Kong has no dearth of glamorous beaches, sightseeing options, nightclubs, entertainment & adventure alternatives, dining & wining for one to relish a relaxed and lady holiday or a business trip. Nonetheless, let’s delve into some of the city’s most remarkable and splendid skylines that never cease to amaze! Five places to catch the best of city’s tall and magnificent buildings include:

Victoria Central Business District
Irrespective of whether you are in Hong Kong for a business, personal or a leisure trip, the scintillating Victoria Central Business District is one of the not-to-miss destinations. Counted amongst the elite international financial hubs of the world, this business district is home to some of the tallest buildings that exist in the city. The sight of skyscrapers meeting the sky under clear blue sky offers a perfect treat to the eyes! Amid the high rise buildings, Bank of China skyscraper catches your attention. Beyond doubt this building is the highest building in the city and notably one of the tallest globally!

Victoria Peak
Visiting Victoria Peak should feature on top of your itinerary in Hong Kong. After all, it is here that you get to catch the picture-perfect view of the city below. Looking down at the city from this peak gives you an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. Apart from the scenic landscapes and the beauty of nature, one gets to see the mesmerize skyline of the bustling city. The best time to visit is the evening and look down at the city against the well-lit sky. The sight of skyscrapers in the glowing lights is beyond charming, sure to make your heart sing in joy a million times over!

Star Ferry
One ride in that good old Starr Ferry costs a few Hong Kong Dollar but is worth much more. If you wish to catch the city’s spectacular view, then let Star Ferry be on your priority list! As you glide in the glistening waters, get to witness the city’s skyline from up and close. Imagine the bliss that cool breeze adds to your tour of city’s tall buildings. Make memories and live the beautiful moment!

Big Buddha
Amid the pride of Hong Kong’s majestic skylines, stand Big Buddha atop Lantau Island’s Po Lin monastery. This 34-meter tall statue is believed to be the largest free standing statue in the world. It adds a sparkling charm to the city’s skyline. A visit to this statue in the morning is worthy, what better to catch the morning sun rise right behind and lend multiple hues to the blue sky!

Next time you plan a visit to Hong Kong; don’t miss its impressive and incredible skyline!