Offbeat Places That makes India Truly Incredible

As the world celebrates Tourism Day, our very own India guards some magical places that seem straight out of a postcard. Where else can you find such beauty that makes your heart go wow and ushers in a magnetic desire to satiate your travel wanderlust? India is home to white beauty Taj Mahal and it’s every travelers dream to delight their senses by visiting this exquisite beauty. However, let us delve into some of India’s offbeat travel destinations that are incredible beyond words.

The names that feature on our list of India’s surreal places include:
Pangong Lake, Ladakh
Azure waters of Pangong Lake act like a therapy to your eyes. The sight of crystal clean water in India is surreal in itself. Located at a distance of about 50 km from Leh, Pangong is majestic. It seems like the Gods themselves reside here. Such is the silent allure of this beautiful lake. In case, you wish to explore your inner selves and rekindle your connection with spirituality, this is just the right place. One of the most interesting things about this lake is that the color of water changes with time and it appears different throughout different times of the day. Besides being a traveler’s dream, Pangong is a photographer’s delight too!

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
We all know about white sand beaches, don’t we? But how many of us are aware about the white desert that adorns the wilderness of India in Rann of Kutch? A few, perhaps! Just imagine the pleasure of waking up to a lovely morning amid the white desert beautiful! The thought is so exciting. Rann of Kutch, a white salt desert is famous for the Rann Utsav, which is an ideal time to explore the magnificence of this incredible place. The festival opens floodgates to unending fun and you can catch the glimpses of the other side of India through a flurry of activities including hot air ballooning, folk dances, camping, cultural programs and camel safari. Full moon nights add to the charm and beauty of the desert.

Kudremukh, Karnataka
Imagine the sight of a mountain that appears like the face of a horse. Don’t believe us? Presenting Kudremukh for you! Yes, this mountain is as surreal as it sounds. Known for its picturesque beauty, Kudremukh is one explored beauty in India. The presence of lush green forests, waterfalls and hill ranges adds to the allure of its wondrous landscapes. Kudremukh is an ideal weekend getaway and is in close proximity to Bangalore. A drive of 5 hours and you land in the lap of Mother Nature!

Majuli, Assam
Majuli, is the largest river island in the world. However, that’s not all that makes Majuli famous. This island is beautiful beyond words. It’s a dream destination for adventure and nature lovers alike. The exotic locales of this scenic island are an unexplored beauty. One of the best ways to reach here is to hit the boat at Jorhat. Majuli features on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage. It makes up for a perfect holiday amid the idyllic locales. A must-visit!

Sundarbans, West Bengal
Suderbans are the largest mangrove forests in the world. But hold it! That’s not about it. Sunderbans are absolutely beautiful and offer a surreal sneak peek into wildlife forests in India. Located in the southern delta of West Bengal, Sunderbans are relatively unexplored by the travelers in the country. Sundarbans translates into beautiful forest in Bengali and true to their meaning; they offer a scenic delight to all who visit its premises! Sundarbans is home to Royal Bengal Tigers and chances are that you come face to face with one of these wild cats while roaming here.

If the thrill is enough to stir your travel desires, it’s time to pack off to explore the unexplored in India!


Rann of Katch