Romance the Romance in Paris: Romantic Capital of the World

Paris is a dream. The city is referred with various names including City of Love, Romantic Paradise and Romance Paradise. Paris has a vibrant charm that continues to radiate an everlasting glow year after year. Love is always in the air as it continues to entice travelers from different parts of the world to visit its gorgeous premises.

Paris continues to be flooded with honeymooners all year long. After all, what better than scripting a new romantic chapter in your life in Paris! Where else can one find a place as calm and tranquil yet feel special like a royal. The city doesn’t just talk, it makes one believe by putting its beliefs in action. Yes, that’s Paris for you!

If you are visiting Paris in the near future or have plans to visit the city anytime soon, brace yourselves for a mind blowing imperial treatment. Irrespective of whether you are on your honeymoon, business visit, solo/family trip or sightseeing, Paris treats all its guest with generous and royal hospitality.

The moment you step in Paris, you feel the pulse of its thriving exquisiteness. In your hotel you are treated to a French welcome, luxurious spread of king size beds, elegant linen, glittering crystal chandeliers, customized furniture, marble bath, unbroken attention and delectable food. Honeymoon suites offer more than you can ever imagine. Besides the decoration and service, the aura makes you feel like living in Paris forever. Such is the enigmatic charm of the city that the world looks forward to for love. Love is not exclusive to luxury hotels alone. Honeymooners are made to feel special even in a budget hotel!

The thought of walking hand-in-hand with the love of your, taking a stroll under the shining stars and the bright moon in the breezy evening at the backdrop of the mighty Eiffel Tower is magical! You can experience a similar moment of love and ecstasy in Paris and add to the magnetic allure by stopping by for a candle light dinner and raise a toast to your love and the finest French wines and cuisine.

Imagine the surprise you get after walking back into your hotel room only to discover it has been specially decorated for the love birds!

Where else in the world are you made to drench on romance but Paris! This is perhaps why Paris continues to be the favorite destination of romance smitten couples from around the world. The city infuses a new ray of love in you and makes you feel heavenly with its dose of love-filled gestures.

The options to spend cherished time in Paris are many. Apart from sightseeing together, couples can indulge in pampering sessions at the best of city spas that offer heavenly massages and skin treatments exclusive to your preferences!

And when it’s time to return home, you can fill your bags with mementos for your family and friends and to make sure your Paris memories are etched in your heart and mind till eternity!


Eiffel Tower