Venice: Romance Reloaded!

Venice is a beauty. This Italian city is termed as one of the most romantic places in the world. An ideal destination for honeymooners and couples who wish to rekindle their romance, Venice offers that magic and allure. People from different parts of the world visit Venice to feel the warmth of its waterways and experience the grandeur of its incredible architecture. The Floating City, as it is fondly called embraces one and all with its eternal charm and facilities the tourists to savor a cherished holiday!

Europe offers a magical gateway to travelers to feel the pulse in its splendid and gorgeous locales and Venice is one of them. The canals of Venice are as beautiful as that of Amsterdam that inundates your heart with magnetic charisma. What better way to kick start or kick off that long-forgotten romance in a city, which is a symbolism of romance? True indeed, a Venetian holiday is unforgettable and enchanting.

The sight of gondolas lined alongside the glistening waters is simply mesmerizing. It’s hard to contain that excitement when your heart jumps with joy and all that you want to do is, leap into one of the gondolas to feel the exquisiteness of this wondrous city and its soulful delight gliding through the calm waterways.

As cool breeze kisses your cheeks and the butterflies start tickling in and you can hear the sound of nature’s music, you want the time to freeze! Where else can in the world do the waterways play the strings of romance but Venice.

Venice Calling

Venice is a dream, one you don’t want to break ever! It is mystic and every moment spend here overwhelms you in its awe and beguile. Crossing through the waterways and canals leaves you longing for more. The sight of its architecture is a treat to the eyes. Every building stands as a proof of its magnificence and glorious past. As you pass through the waters and cross water streets and move under the bridges you are sure to realize the worth of your time and money in the city.

Palazzo Ducale and Bascilia di San Marco are some of the highlights and not-to-miss attractions lined at the end of city’s gorgeous waterway called the Grand Canal. There’s more! The narrow streets hide the gems of an everyday life. Marble lined churches shimmering under the sun and the blue skies reflect the true Venetian glory. Never before has water offered something as dazzling for the eyes and peaceful for the soul.

Just imagine you are gliding through the stunning waterways on a pretty gondola with the love of your life. Blissful, isn’t it!

Here’s your chance to cruise along the gorgeous canals of Venice with your romantic company and feel the pulse of the city through the splashing waters. A gondola ride is satiating in Venice. Taking one at sunset under the amber sky adds to the charm of your ride and the company!

Do you hear that? It’s Venice Calling.